What is Netfix? Netfix is a proven system for attaching nets to goalposts which is safe, durable, and simple to use – the ideal solution for sport clubs

What is a Net Toggle? One end of the Net Toggle is fastened to the net which resembles a cable tie. The other end is a bulb head or a button which slides into the Post Slot.

What is a Post Slot? The Post Slot is attached to the goalpost by 3 pop rivets. It also has a slot which receives the bulb head or button of the Net Toggle,

What price is Netfix? The price for a full set of Netfix for two goals is €90.00

Can I just buy a pack of Net Toggles? Yes, the price is € 45.00; please click on the Product tab

Can I just buy a pack of Post Slots? Yes, the price is € 50.00, please see click on the Product tab

Is cost of shipment/delivery included in the price of Netfix? NO, shipment/delivery cost will be calculated on the location of the delivery.

Can I get a discount on bulk orders of Netfix? Yes, Contact Phil @ +353 1 8437471 or click the contact tab and fill in the form.

Is Netfix manufactured to a certain standard? Yes IS 356:2007

Do I have to fit Netfix myself? You can fit Netfix yourself, fitting instructions are included in both packs, or we can fit it for you at an extra cost.

How much does it cost to fit Netfix? €120 + time/travel expenses.

How long does it take to attach a net to a goalpost when using the Netfix System? 3 minutes

How long does it take to take a net down from a goalpost when using the Netfix system? 2 Minutes

Do you sell anything else other Netfix? Yes we sell a range of nets for Gaelic games and soccer.